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Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime, 12-pack (300g)

Do you know that frustrating feeling when you buy a product that is advertised to be spicy, but after taking your first bite, the disappointment kicks in? Nothing, simply nothing even close to a burning feeling in your mouth. We at RENJER have decided that we will not let that happen to you – after all we couldn’t bear to see our customers disappointed! Therefore, we have created our new modern RENJER taste of Red Deer Jerky Chili & Lime. In general, from the start red deer kept selling less than its exotic brothers reindeer and elk – but believe us, that is about to change with a bang. If you like it spicy, you will love our new red deer jerky with chili, rounded off with a hint of lime. And in case you wondered, the red deer meat that is used in our products is sourced from the Scandinavian and Baltic forests and is 100% wild game meat from hunting. So all that is left to say now: embrace the burn and enjoy this new highlight among our products. #renjerburn

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